lol evolution

definitely liking this…basically the epitome of the mother’s day derby!

Love it, but I’ll have to thiunk about it…

This is the best news ever

Congrats, Edgar… finally!

Two weeks in a row? Please?

Oh, and also*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Didn’t catch this in time? Get it here tomorrow!

Mommy, where do baby amoebas come from?

Special congratulations to Edgar for his first derby print. You have been robbed so much before, it is so nice to see a print. I have to own anything that will start arguments about evolution, so this is a definite buy.

Oh! Just. YAY!!!

Thank you so much, voters and Edgar!!!

Congrats Edgar! Lovin’ the colors and amoebae rock! Woohoooo! :smiley:

joyful dance

Edgar for the win!

Yay, thank God it’s this one and not the suicide one. Definitely giving this to my mom (she’s a bio geek).

I bought one. I’m gonna attempt to wear this one ironically, so wish me luck.

It was just too damn funny to be denied!

I can’t believe it!! How exciting!!! Congratulations Edgar!

Woohoo! It won! Another Edgar! =D In for two, of course.

im so happy for you edgar!
its about time people “got” your humor!

Yay Edgar! Congrats on your design. It really grew on me more and more as the week went on, glad to see it held on to a top 3 spot. Yay for single-celled organismoms!

ROFL!!! I am SOOOO Glad I don’t hold faith in ShirtDerbyStat’s numbers sometimes. Edgar, congrats on getting 3rd, you totally deserved the placing! Awesome job.


my first shirt woot

…oh wow.


Yay for Edgar! About time dude – congrats and all that! Same time same place next week? Maybe a day earlier? Two days earlier?