Loma Linda Vegan Meal Sampler (8)

Loma Linda Vegan Meal 8-Pack Duo: Southwest Chunky Stew & Thai Red Curry
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
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List Price: $39.92 (Includes Shipping)
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(4) - Loma Linda Southwest Chunky Stew, 10 oz. pouch
(4) - Loma Linda Thai Red Curry, 10 oz. pouch

Anyone who’s tried this, how spicy are they?

They Thai Red Curry had a bit of a kick to it. You went like it if you don’t like spicy stuff. Also, vegan duk is textured in such a way that you might be fooled into thinking it is some sort of meat. I haven’t tried the southwest bowl yet.

They aren’t even in Loma Linda

False advertising IMHO