Loma Linda Vegan Meal Sampler (8)

Loma Linda Vegan Meal Sampler (8)

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These are pretty spicy. Just a fair warning. I bought these last time they came up on woot a few months ago (I’ve been vegan for about a year) and I can’t really eat them unless I’m absolutely starving first. I am probably going to give them away to my neighbors as they’re not really being eaten over here.

I’ve bought these twice before and enjoyed them (I usually add some real meat plus a bit of coconut milk to thin/serve over rice)…but this time I see the ‘best by’ date is actually 2/5/2019, a few days (at best) before they would arrive…per Woot’s own ‘ship by’ estimate. Is this date accurate, Woot??

These are delicious, but I agree that they are a bit spicy. We have a bunch for when we have power outages (3 this year already from hurricanes and ice) or go camping. I also keep some in my desk drawer at work as a lunch backup.

I’ve bought these samplers before when it was just the red curry and chili, but I can’t wait to try more of these! These are probably some of the most delicious vegan pre-made meals I’ve ever tried. They heat up in seconds and provide a great quick meal with delicious flavor. I just purchased a few more of these sampler packs and will probably experiment with more products from this Loma Linda brand. The only negative I can think of is the price, so I’m glad to purchase these on discount today! :grin:

Not all of them are spicy though. I actually like to add some Tapatio hot sauce to the Chili to give it some kick, but I didn’t find it to be spicy on its own. I’m looking forward to trying the one which is actually labeled as Spicy though :slight_smile: