Loma Linda Vegan Meal Sampler (8)

Loma Linda Vegan Meal Sampler (8)

This seems like a weird price considering I just saw these at my local Aldi…

…and the price you saw was? I don’t have Aldi stores around me (I had to google Aldi to figure out what it was).

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Pricey. Costco has the chipotle on sale now, 6 packs for about $10

My local Aldi has them on sale right now for $2.49 each.

I really like these . . . .well, all except for the Thai red curry. That had a bizarre, soapy aftertaste, and I tried two different packs.

Have you considered that you might have a sensitivity to cilantro? Not sure if that one has cilantro in it but our son complains of a soapy flavor when food has cilantro in it. When others don’t sense the same defect. Apparently that is a thing.

Have never tried these, but having some vegetarian family members, tempting. Until seeing, thanks, fellow woofers, the price might be out of line.

No, I love cilantro–I live in AZ, and cilantro is a staple. The curry just tasted . . . weird. And I like curry. The other meals were delicious, and the Pad Thai was fantastic. I like to take these camping. It is a nice change from freeze dried Mountain House lol.