LomaLinda Vegan Pad Thai & Red Curry (8)

I’ll bet this would pair well with ground beef, boneless chicken breasts or pork and stew beef.

Also great with Savory Free Range Fed Tofu.

Obligatory meat jokes, check.

What? Seven hours into the sale and no cracks about how vegans taste?
Come on, that “moc duk” is just hanging there waiting for a wry, pithy, and/or biting comment.
No per unit, per weight, per serving cost analysis?
No anecdotes about how much cheaper you can get the “identical” stuff at the local big box store?
Those comments never get old.
It’s what makes Whine Woot fun :roll_eyes:

When did anchovies become vegetables?

I have been a vegetarian for over a year now with the first 7 months as a vegan (the Netflix documentary section is a dangerous place, best to avoid it). The hardest part for me was not the dietary restrictions but just keeping up the “holier than thou” attitude all the time. It is very tiring to have to constantly look down of most of your friends and co-workers.


My wife is a vegetarian/occasional vegan and we live in Florida where our national pastime is preparing for the next hurricane. While I have standard MREs for me, would these have the shelf life needed to act as emergency meals for her?

I don’t think they have a long shelf life. I just bought some in a retail shop two weeks ago and they have a Best by date of March 2019, so my guess is they’re shelf stable for only 2-3 years. However, best buy doesn’t mean spoiled, so I am just guessing here.

These are very good for camping and also for having on hand for lunch days you just can’t be bothered to cook anything. This is an excellent price too - they cost about 2x in a retail shop. As a person who describes herself as vegan-ish, they taste amazing.

Take a microwave camping, do ya?

Some of us do have motorhomes or campers.