Lone Mountain Wagyu Beef Jerky, 4-Pack

Lone Mountain Wagyu Beef Jerky, 4-Pack



Maybe chew veeeery slowly?

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A deal??? Got to say, I don’t order much since Amazon bought this site. Not the deals there used to be when Woot was freestanding !!


Maybe not worry about how people spend their money at an online retailer…

If you found a better deal for this product, post the link so Woot! can consider it.


Do you know what makes Wagyu beef distinctive? It’s the fat. There’s lots and lots of fat in Wagyu. You have to have lots of fat to make the meat juicy and delicious.

Do you know what makes jerky distinctive? It’s the fat. Jerky doesn’t have any fat. You have to trim the fat, or else the meat won’t dry.

So what’s the point of Wagyu jerky?


I tried this jerky and it is AMAZING but….don’t expect the dry leather-like traditional jerky. This jerky is slightly oily due to the fat content.

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Hard pass for me. If i want waygu jerky, i’ll ask my wife to surprise me again on my birthday with a 1.5lb waygu (american) steak. That she cooked for me…WELL f’ing DONE! Yep, it was delicious waygu jerky. but still a hard pass. oh what could have been… :sob:

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I’ve bought this a couple times before, and be careful; it will spoil you and you won’t want to eat regular jerky again. Yes, very expensive per pound, but all jerky is relatively expensive. An indulgence.

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Is this like the real tough kind of jerky? I’m being serious and this question because I only like that kind and not the fake can you buy and gas stations

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No. It’s softer because of the fat. As long as it’s not close to its best by date…

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Correct me if I’m wrong… but isn’t fat in jerky undesirable? Like it gives it a gross “cow” taste? Isn’t Wagyu known for fat streaks, that’s the whole point isn’t it? This seems like a bad idea…

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If you smoke your own meats you’ll learn that it’s the fats in whatever you are smoking that absorbs the most smoke flavor.

I thought the same about cutting off all fat and only using lean meats when I started smoking meats. Did that for years and everyone loved my jerky better than anything bought. Then one day I went into a butcher shop in the country and decided to try their jerky they had packaged and sitting in one of their refrigerators. I try almost all “real” jerky to get ideas for my brine and seasonings. Anyway, after I got in my vehicle I noticed the jerky I bought had quite a bit of fat on it and I was bummed. I thought I must have just bought some crap. Boy was I wrong! I separated the larger pieces of fat from the meat and tried it. It was great! Then I tasted a small piece of fat was still left on what I was eating. It was like salty, smoky butter that melted in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how good it was! I ended up looking for and eating every morsel of fat in that package. Now I make my own with fattier cuts of meat and it’s honestly a heck of a lot better.

It makes sense if you think about it because the best smoked fish are fatty fish like salmon. We all know they are supposedly good for us because of elevated Omega-3…that’s Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a “healthy fat”. Next time you see smoked fish, take a look at what kind of fish it is. It will be a species that has a higher fat content 99% of the time. You’ll be hard pressed to find smoked flounder or bluegill or crappie or snapper or other lean species. But it’s easy to find salmon, whiting, chubs, mackerel, mullet, etc.

The one caveat I would mention is that fats can go rancid fairly easily. Animal fats as well as plant fats. If you need jerky for your horse and wagon ride across the prairie sans refrigeration, you probably shouldn’t take fatty jerky. But if you have a refrigerator to store your greasy jerky in for a week or so, you won’t believe how darn good it is. Actually, I can leave my fatty jerky at room temperature because it never lasts long enough to go bad.

So I’d say that both comments, for and against, fatty jerky are right.

That’s my $0.02 worth.


The greatest benefit of Wagyu and Kobe beef with high marbling is that it is soft and has high Umami taste. Drying it seems to be going in the opposite direction of why they are prized. My late wife once accidentally made dried beef in a turbo broiler. It was suitable for resoling a shoe. She stopped trying to eat it after one attempted bite.

Got this last time out of frustration from not finding anything better than a shoe-infused raw bamboo shoot; and O.M.F.G. markymark77 has it exactly right.


Woot says retail for 4 bags is $17.50/bag. Complete, udder, maddening twaddle.

Lone Mountain sells it direct as a 2-pack for $13/bag; that’s like 25% less, enough to make the claim A DAMN DIRTY OUTRIGHT **** LIE ****.

Lone Mountain also sells it as a buy-4-get-2 for $8.66/bag, better than this deal.

Woot — Seriously. Explain yourself please.

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I see a 2-pack as $25.98 on their site. You’d have two of those and $25 shipping.

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Really can’t blame Woot for the pricing in this case. Everything that Lone Mountain sells is excessively marked up and incredibly overpriced. Including their shipping.

What Woot management can be blamed for here is supporting this company by offering these overpriced products on their site. “42% off” of a product that’s marked up 150% or more isn’t a deal. If this stuff duplicated itself by 150% per day, maybe then it would be a considerable purchase.

Lone Mountain doesn’t deserve to have their business practices rewarded.