Lone Mountain Wagyu Beef Jerky (4)

Lone Mountain Wagyu Beef Jerky (4)

$3.33 / oz. hmmmmm


Right? That must be some jerky! I think I’ll have dry aged steak for that price, thanks…

I think I’ve ordered this stuff before…or just like it.

Wasn’t good… but I like my jerky old school… tough, salty, and dry. Most “modern” jerky is moist, sweet, and soft.

I’ve ordered before, and this stuff is really good. It was slightly dry, and a good balance between chewy and soft. The seasoning is good, and you can certainly taste the quality of the beef.
I would order again if it was thirty bucks a pound. At forty bucks for 12 oz it feels like I’d be better off at my local butcher.

I spent $30 on a dehydrator to make my own.

It’s still in the box but yeah… This seems steep.