Lone Mountain Wagyu Beef Jerky (4)



Lone Mountain Wagyu Beef Jerky (4)


This is quite a bit more expensive then buying straight from the manufacturer website. It’s $2.88 an ounce on their site and $3.33 from woot. Not sure how that’s a deal.


rather get Jacks Links jerky for $16 per pound from Sams, than $40 for 12 ounces.


Did you include shipping? Our price includes shipping. Their shipping cost:



Any company who charges 20$ on their website for regular shipping of 6 ounces of a product doesn’t deserve my business. That’s outright price gouging.


Just noticed I was looking at 2 bags and not the 4 bags. But it comes with additional 2 bags. So total of 6 bags if I’m reading it right. Shipping cost shows $6.75. Total from the website was $59.


Not sure where the list prices comes from but straight from Lone Mountain, 2 orders of the 2pk only comes out to $59 with shipping. The 4pk includes 2 additional packs for the same $59 price on Lone Mountain’s site. So I guess paying the extra $20 for 6 packs might be worth it?


This is what I’m seeing:


And, you have to spend $199 for free shipping



You have to start the Checkout process and enter in your address information to see correct shipping cost.


Well, that’s weird.