Lone Mountain Wagyu Jerky (4)

$46. for 12 ounces?

What a waste of Wagyu. Don’t support this, people.

Do you know why it’s the first and only? Because most people wouldn’t destroy good meat like that.

Beautiful, delicious meat that this company then takes and dries because…?

I don’t get it.

On top of that jerky is lean cuts of meat because fat is the first thing to go rancid on jerky. Wagyu is full of fat so expect a very short shelf life on top of adding maple syrup which is inviting bacterial growth.

Ya, what’s up with adding sugar products to jerky? Whatever happened to beef, salt, and or pepper? I have to sift through all the flavored crap to get to original.

This would be a deal if it were for a 12oz Wagyu filet, charred medium-rare with a salad and a couple sides.

When I make jerky, not only do I put sugar in the marinade, but I’ll often add some fruit juice (like pineapple or orange) and then I drizzle it with honey. If you have enough pepper, salt and heat, the sweet makes for a perfect, balanced flavor.