Long Life To Friday



Mr. Rogers!

Blue is clearly the correct color here.


Yeah, this is going to be a popular shirt.


Needs more trolley (and tigers). Happy New Year!


I like having colors choices.


Shouldn’t this be on a cardigan?


Great first shirt of 2015.


We need Lady Elane. She was so hot!


Wow… so much nostalgia. Thank you!


changes to more comfortable shoes as I look at these shirt options


I really like this, but I’m wondering…will it come full of holes like the ugly Christmas Tee did? And if so, when I email support about it will they ignore me again like they did then?


Sorry about that Flea. I looked at your order and see that you were refunded on 12/6. You should see the funds in your account by now.

Please check spam/junk folders for a response. Also check that your email is correct on your account.


This is awesome. My 7-year-old autistic son is obsessed with Daniel Tiger (the modern version of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood) and Mr. Rogers too to some extent. He always wants me to pretend to be King Friday. Also his favorite color is green. Yay! He’ll probably want to wear this every day.


I’ve been fighting myself on this one all morning. I love the shirt, but it only makes sense to wear it the four days a week when I’m least likely to wear a t-shirt for a worthwhile length of time…


Thanks TT, it took some looking but I finally found record of the refund. There was no email received, either from woot or paypal, concerning the refund (only 7 emails in the spam box, all spam). Searched throughout my woot account and there is no mention of a refund, so I went to my paypal account and found it, applied on 12/6 as you said. Even when I made my next purchase (the Gamma Rechargeable Laterns, which are great, by the way)PayPal did not inform me I had a credit on my account, but did apply it. Actually, though, since I have all the Ugly Christmas Tees, I would have preferred a replacement over a refund. Any chance you can get me one for $12 instead of $15?


Something tells me the Prince Wednesday shirt wouldn’t be as popular…

This was a must buy for my son’s Daniel Tiger obsession. Great design!


Are you claiming they actually sent your item? I would have ordered all 3 but alas My DEC 3 order is still in transit.


RIP Mr. Rogers. You will be missed.

Might have to pick this up in honor of him. Loved the show as a kid, and the more we learn of the type of person he was, the more there is to respect and appreciate.


I looked at your Dec 3 order and tracking shows all 3 items delivered on 12/13, 12/15, and 12/27. If this is not the case, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.


First day sales: 455