Long Sleeve T's!!

Dearest Woot,

Let me tell you about my favorite shirt. It is grey and it has glorious long sleeves. It has the winter version of the Unstealthiest Ninja. I wait, lovingly, for cold weather to wear it and I adore it.

So…why all the hoodies but no long-sleeved tees? There are so many times (!!!) that I’ve said to myself, “I’d buy that in long sleeve!”

Hoodies and sweatshirts are too hot for some of us that are already personal heaters.


  • A loving Woot-er

Hi there. We don’t have inventory at this time. We’ll continue to look at the possibility in the future.

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with the need for long sleeve t’s!! I LOVE woot t-shirts, for their designs and for the way they fit. So why do I have to forgo them during cold weather, hmm? Many thanks!

We hear you! Looking into possible options to see if we can make this happen for ya.

I too was looking for some long sleeved tees to buy yesterday. Good thing for my wallet I didn’t find them.

I usually wear a long john shirt under.