Long Valley Ranch Monterey Pinot Noir (6)

I was interested and I read some reviews that were good so I pushed the button, but then I found the offer from October and so I cancelled (sorry W.W!). They said it was fizzy or not worth it and not a good buy. Does someone have any GOOD words to say about the Pinot? I may still be wanting some.

That was my comment about a fizzy wine, but that was in reference to another wine, NOT this wine. Sorry for the confusion.

Didn’t pull the trigger last time but just might this time. Would be nice to see a note.

Ha, thanks. Got busy with life and never got back on until now…looks like it sold pretty well. Someone is liking it! I liked the price and was willing to try. The only other Pinot I had was Mustache and they were fizzy but Woot! gave me a refund, which was cool.