Long Valley Ranch Monterey Pinot Noir (6)

Long Valley Ranch Monterey Pinot Noir 6-Pack
Sold by: Blue Canyon Wine Company
$49.99 $114.00 56% off List Price
2012 Long Valley Ranch Estate Grown Pinot Noir, Monterey, California

The last few Pinot you guys posted have been homeruns. Great, aged, complex low alcohol easy drinkers. The specs on this wine look very promising. I’m in for 2. Besides my cellar is running low on EDC (every day consumption) wine.

This was up here in Oct and Dec, any comments?

Think it’s the same wine. Except the previous offerings were sold by Scheid Family Wines and this is sold by Blue Canyon Wine Co who does some wines for Trader Joe’s

Any reason why the write-up says, “This Long Valley Ranch Chardonnay is terrific”, instead of Pinot Noir?


I’ve updated it. Thanks for the call out on our error. :slight_smile:

That was quick. What, only 3 6packs 4sale?