Look at my Crap!

Got one! Am I the only one? Kinda lonely in here…

Got one too!

Got another one. Hope its better than the last one!

Just happened to check at the right time and SCORE!!!

Missed out :frowning:

Yay! Super secret BOC! Congrats all!

I cannot believe how long that was up -

I could have bought a dozen

Got one too. Probably was a good thing I was checking Twitter when it popped up.

The ones that pop up through unconventional means (like through social media) tend to stay up just a bit longer.

i can’t believe I keep missing them! Been here all day! :frowning:

Me neither! We were left with more than a few minutes to ponder our future disappointment.

s.o.b. just missed it. I’ll never ever get a boc and i’ve been on here since March 19, 2007. Too many greedy people on Woot.

missed it.

I’ve already snagged my bag this morn from the main page, but I’m curious–do the bocs within a section appear at the top of the listings, or at the bottom, or randomly somewhere in the midst?


This one was well hidden in the bathroom section of the homewoot page Kat, which is atypical, but not unheard of.

I got one!!!

Does it show up on the ‘Home.Woot Community’ summary when it does pop up, or is there a delay?

Yeah…I’d like to know this too. I’m all confused with this one.

Woot changed the way the community page works a while back. The item only shows up after someone comments on it.

Well, TIL. There goes my old go-to then.