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How will the knife-sharpener sharpen European, American and Asian knifes (the latter having a different angle)? Is it adjustable to the angle? Or will it just sharpen away happily until it reaches its own angle and thus change the knife’s original angle?
‘proper’ Asian - around 15 degrees, Shun 16-16.5 if I understand it correct (found sources online for both angles), Western around 20 degrees


Anybody have experience with the poultry shears? Are they adequate to spatchcock a chicken? Do the blades separate easily for cleaning or do you have to use a funky wrench? Thanks!



I purchased these shears. Immediately as I took them out of the package, the spring which keeps the handles apart fell out of their holders. I suppose I can still use them but the design of the springs is really poor. This is the first item, I’ve purchased from Woot that was shoddy. I buy quite often from them.


I don’t have these, but I do have these.

I don’t know how they compare to other poultry shears, so these may not be that good, but I do know that I’ve crunched the back bone out of many chickens and ducks with them.

The do come apart easily to clean (just open wide and separate). They aren’t razor sharp, but this job is more about leverage.

(There’s something unique and oddly satisfying about the sound and feel of cutting the back bone out of a chicken.)


I have the little avacado set. I use it for avacados sometimes, but I use it more frequently for mashing up stuff for our baby. Works great for bananas, avacados, steamed veggies, etc.

Unintended, but totally useful outcome of having a teeny-sized masher at home! Super easy to clean compared to most full-sized potato mashers.


“Ginsu sofuto blades are made from Japanese 420j2 stainless steel that is well known for it’s rust and stain resistance.” <- except that 420j2 is not Japanese steel, it’s an American designation, and not even very good steel. Insanely low carbon, wicked soft, will go dull cutting through pudding. I have stronger butter knives.


From the operations manual linked under the specs tab:


"Sharpening Angles of the Diamond and Ceramic Interlocking Wheels

The interlocking wheels were designed to be 17 1/2° on each side to allow this sharpener to be versatile enough to sharpen a wide variety of knives.

You can use these interlocking wheels to sharpen and maintain both the
double beveled Asian as well as the European/ American wider angled knives. Edgeware selected the 35° combined sharpening angle and the Precision Machined Edge configuration to provide great initial sharpness while providing good edge retention."


I absolutely LOVE my avocado set. Really comes in handy for those 99 cent avocados here in California, as well as things like mashing bananas for banana bread.


Still contemplating the sharpener. It’s been on here before, anyone actually buy it?


I’m not sure if they’ll spatchcock a chicken, but they did do a great job on butterflying one. Is that close to the same thing?


I purchased this for my father for xmas, and he loves it! It works so much better and faster than a standard steel. It can be a little bulky on the counter, but frankly you don’t have to use it very often with how well this works. Definite buy for anyone who likes cooking and hates manually sharpening your knives…

Plus it sounds cool when you turn it on!


I bought one for my wife about a year or so ago, and she loves it.


I keep looking at it…I’m also considering the Presto 08810 at Amazon at a similar price. Hmmmm…