Looking for a Replaytv 50xx or 55xx model


Does anyone know where I can find one, besides Ebay?

HD size is not important. I can upgrade it myself.


Try here


hah! you screwed up the link this time!

as far as the replay tv… only other place i would know to check is craigslist… :snob:


fixed, thanks


Actually, no. It’s still broken. Try again. :tongue: :wink:


why does that idiot always post that same stupid link?


It amuses him.


Why do you keep clicking it?


uh…I am not stupid enough to click it. Scroll over it and the link is displayed.

dammit! I just want to find a replaytv!!! whither the replaytvs?


Have you tried Amazon. You said you didn’t want ebay, but didn’t say that about Amazon.


Ya…I tried Amazon. They are sold out, as well as their"partners" or whatever you call it. The other people that sell thru Amazon.

Apparently CompUSA has some at a few select stores…but none of those stores are in any of the three cities I will soon be visiting.

…so…I am still looking.