Looking for help, Maze Runner Journal

So I bought my girlfriend the valentines day box sold by woot of course. She was reading the maze runner series at the time and in the box was a journal. It looked to be maze runner inspired and she loved it. Now I’m looking for another one and I can’t seem to find one. Suggestions?

Journals are only available in side sales, for the limited time of the side sale. So, anything that was in the boxes are pretty much a one-shot, although if you find the name of the design (usually printed on the back of the journal), you might be able to purchase it as a tee.

I looked in the past journal sales and its not even in there XD

The Valentine’s day bundles included some items that have never been printed as a stand alone item. Tees, buttons, magnets, journals, etc. The DESIGNS sometimes have been used elsewhere, though, and if it was a tee initially, it might still be available in the all designs tab.