looking for someone that knows PHP--willing to pay


Hi guys!

I’m starting a new online company and need some help adding some things to it to make it fully functional as desired. some of these things include:

contact page using formmail script
login script
forum script
private message script (if exists)
users able to upload pics and descriptions (for classified ads postings)

if you know how to do this stuff and are looking to get paid,
e-mail me anytime.



You could have just posted all this to your other thread asking for the same thing and bumped it up to the firs.t page.


i have no idea how to use this thing…sorry :frowning:


help :wink:


YEAH! That’s the way you bump it up to the top! Good Job!

Have you considered Craig’s List?


He is looking for PHP programmers. Contact a University with a job listing that you have and you will probably find some capable people.


Try www.bitwine.com, register for free as a client and do a search. Also try ID “ckmunson” on there and perhaps they can help.
I’m registered there as a Fr to Eng translator / interpreter / teacher too (thought I’d slip that in). LOL!
An acquaintance and her hubby have started out doing that kind of stuff too so try http://kmconsultingetc.com
Good luck!
I just signed up and designed my web site with startlogic.com it has tools to build everything you need. See mine at: http://www.translationsbykaren.com