Looking for ThunderThighs? :)

Hey TT,

Old RR here. If you happen to stumble accross this post plz call, txt or email me. I’m desperately looking for Woot HR contact phone number for some old work documents.

Hope you’re doing well (and that you catch this lol)

Roget of the Ray

Whoopsadaisy, I accidentilly posted with wrong account? It’s been awhile, sorry lol :slight_smile:

you might have better luck in world of woot or with a PM

… and HI

HI :slight_smile:

and yeah I also PM’d TT in case she didn’t catch this thread.





I miss those damn games you did that I could never win but I kept trying anyway!!!

I hope you’re doing good.

Heya Dave, good to see you!
Yeah I miss hosting those games. I still have many flashbacks about setting up those damned GIF Hunts You guys were always so clever at figuring them out (even the ones where I hid the image?!?)

Sorry you never got a chance to win one of the games, they were certainly a blast to host and I loved setting em up for you guys.

I hope you’re doing well too and that the community is getting along and still trying their best to procure a BOC hahahaha

Take care,

Yo! rogetray! what’s shakin’ ?

miss you!


TT sees all

Yeah. Have you seen that we are on the Green Grotto III?