LoopRope 5' Buoy Rope - 2 Pack



I’m thinking about buying this as a gift for my parents who own a 30’ motor boat (two outboards)

Does anyone have any reviews of these? Are they worth a purchase?


As far as rope goes, this is some. There’s some discussion at this past Sport.Woot, but rope is rope. Word is, the past Wooters are using it to tie stuff.


Here’s some reviews at Amazon as well, 2 reviews, 5 stars: http://www.amazon.com/LoopRope-5BRB-P-C-BuoyRope-Blue-Docking/product-reviews/B004YD5K54/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_img?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1


I don’t know if it is good when it says you can use it for tying boats and stuff, but the picture only shows hanging light weight fishing poles…


I suppose you could use it to hang bats and clubs during the zombie apocalypse if you don’t dig fishing.


Can I use this to climb back up the fiscal cliff?


The price on Amazon is $17.99, just like Woot is charging now.

C’mon Woot!


It appears that the one at Amazon is a 1 pack?


Yea, this is a Two pack… Amazon is selling them as a single…


I bought these last time they were up. I have a 22 ft center console boat docked in salt water.

The good - they make tying off a little faster.

The bad - they are not ropes, they are made from stretchable bungie chord material.

The unknown - how long they will last in salt air. While I am using them, I don’t have enough confidence in bungie material to hold my 4500 lb boat to the dock overnight. I’ve had bungie chords break before, I still use real dock ropes so I don’t lose my boat.


So this is the second sport.woot today… but it’s not pindicated as part of the woot-off. Is sport.woot part of the woot-off?


No, but there were two sellout deals yesterday. I think when something sells out, woot is putting up a new item instead of waiting till midnight.


I bought a bunch of these last time and I am happy with them. Think of them as adjustable-length bungee cords. They are not rope. You do not want to tie a boat to it.


Sure hope these dont SUCK! Seemed like the best P-O-S out for me today.
In for one


Check out the video, shows a lot better what these can be used for.



My boat would break those so fast