Los Clop Argentinian Pinot Noir (5)

Los Clop Argentinian Pinot Noir 5-Pack
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2013 Los Clop Pinot Noir, Mendoza Argentina
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2013 Bodega Clop Y Clop Pinot Noir “Los Clop”

A flock of flying monkeys dropped a bottle of this Argentinian Pinot Noir onto my lawn the other day. When I told my neighbor what had happened, she exclaimed “You must have thought you were seeing things!”. To which I replied “Yes, I couldn’t believe that the Pinot Noir was from Argentina.”

An almost translucent magenta color in the glass with thin, widely spaced legs. Looks like Kool-Aid and smells like a cherry Jolly Rancher.

Jolly Rancher palate as well with secondary notes of strawberry/raspberry, a little spice and a touch of vanilla oak with mild tannins on the medium finish.

This is a very easy drinking Pinot and would probably be a crowd pleaser at parties. I don’t usually pair Pinot with pizza but this isn’t the type of Pinot I normally drink, so I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised. It had enough bite and acidity to stand up to a pepperoni pie. The spicy notes of the wine were accented by the spices in the pizza sauce. Definitely a different experience with food than without.

Day 2 and the wine is a little less fruity, a little more balanced. Still fruit forward, but the cherry is better integrated with the allspice and vanilla oak notes. A simple, but solid effort.

Happen to have a bottle of this given to me by a friend. Pop and pour, some raspberry notes but a good amount of heat from the alcohol that prevented me from tasting anything else. I let it breath for about an hour in the glass and the heat disappeared making way for more red berries, a small hit of spice a tiny touch of cassis.

Since I am observing no alcohol for lent, I have had to go the proper tasting route of not drinking it. I usually swallow and not spit, so it is taking me a bit more to figure this out. I did not try with food, but I see Chip’s point about it being a food wine. It would be a nicely priced addition to a cheese and charcuterie platter or even something simple like gumbo.
For me with tax this would ship at about $14 a bottle, I think a solid wine for that price.

Thanks for your well written observations.


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