Lost Already

yay for joel and steven

I hear that the newer model horses come with GPS built in.

Perfect not only for the theme but also for the hard-core Halloween fans (which also seem to be Drakxxx fans)… just sayin’ :wink:

And let’s not forget CD’s coloring! What a duo!

I love the Bugs Bunny reference!

I love the -_- look on the horse’s face.

I stayed up till midnight for this? I hope Hitchhiker’s with Towels shows up tomorrow.

You can lead a headless horseman to water, but you better hope he hasn’t been drinking…

They also come with built in DVD players so you don’t need your old rabbit ears anymore.

How is asking Vanilla Ice going to help?

Who’s art is this? It doesn’t say on the main page.

This is pretty much 2000x better. It’s an idea that actually takes part of one’s own thought-process to create it. The other is a pure cash-in on a popular meme.

Too bad we’ll never know who made this.

Midnight is the perfect time to buy such a shirt.

Not only is this a great Halloween shirt, it also works for Back to School season. Plenty of students will be reading “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” this school year.

Why are they bringing a tv and skis?

Great colors, great fun, Great Pumpkin?

I believe Draxxx drew and CrescentDebris did colors.

you believe correctly

Maybe he wouldn’t be having trouble getting to Sleepy Hollow if he hadn’t lost his head

Dude, stop taking off your pumpkin-head already! That’s a good way to lost. And crimony, would it hurt to ask for directions?