Lost and Found

How pounds of meat does a wild Higgs-Bison provide?


Geeks, nerds, gamers…this is your shirt!

This shirt is likely to blast off at the speed of light

Surveys on the write up now? Did anyone else see that?

Anyway, Team Hadron would be a good name for the take over the world steal all the pokemon villain team on the next generation of games.

I’m usually amused by the “wild x appeared. used z. It’s super effective” varieties but somehow this one doesn’t work for me. Maybe I’m just too curious how one would go about simply using a Large Hadron Collider at every wild Higgs-Boson. I imagine this website would warrant more frequent checking. http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/

I don’t know, I’m not quite able to surrender myself to the shirt’s charms. I like physics, I like Pokemon, but it’s just not coming together for me.

The power of w00t…



Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why do they always have to use the Rutherford atom model??? WE’VE KNOWN IT’S INACCURATE FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW.

congrats fishbiscuit5!!!

Because everyone recognizes it and knows what you mean.

this shirt is awful. i dont think that often, but need to say it today.

Agreed. A random Pokemon reference and random physics reference slapped together in no meaningful way. I will pass.

Dr. Bovine wears this shirt to LHC when he wants to get his muon.

Yeah… This is just painfully unimaginative. It just doesn’t have any kind of coherence to it. This is the first Shirt.Woot! in a long time that I actively feel dislike for.

Particle physics is cool, and Pokemon is cool, but if you’re going to combine the two, at least do so in a meaningful fashion. The way this shirt is executed just feels like an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Pokemon and the LHC/Higgs… And it isn’t done well.

I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE. Bad pun karma to you, sir!

Maybe draw sometime similar to this instead of an atom:

i am thinking less then a meat stick, but you would receive the following messeage:

“You feel diffuse.”

I can’t figure out why one orbit has two electrons and another orbit has none.