Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah Three - Pack

Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah Three - Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
32007 Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah

CT link above. Strong reviews for the 2005 and a $25ish per bottle community price. No data on the 2007.

Winery Website

Lost Canyon on Yelp

Video clip from In Wine Country about urban winemaking in Oakland. (Lost Canyon at 2:08)

Looks like Lost Canyon was sold a little over a year ago. Article

Ahh, Fritz, as in Fritz the Cat. Well played.

Winery: typical questions. Drinking window? Stlye? (Seems fruit bomb from the numbers which is never a bad thing.) Any cool facts, scores, jokes, etc?

looks like it isn’t available on their website yet though past syrah’s all went for $35, making this offer appear to be a very good one.

Here’s a Video review of the 05 vintage from a guy at wineexpedition.com. (also at this site)


dark purple
nose is sort of murky and plummy
I can taste a cool fog int he glass somehow
Blackberries, tobacco, spice, a very easy-drinking syrah.
A little bit thin, the acidity is definitely making itself known. on sale for $16

My guess is it’ll be fairly big, but not a fruit bomb judging by the cool climate and mentions of bacon, white pepper and rose petals in the description.

Looks interesting, nice price point. I’m probably full up on Syrah after buying up Havens offerings, though.

Indeed. The yelp comment that the tasting place in Oakland had closed prompted me to dig a little deeper. Prince of Pinot has a little more info on the 08 sale:

“Lost Canyon Winery was recently acquired by Fritz Winery which is located in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County. Pinot Noir and Syrah wines under the Lost Canyon label will continue to be produced at the Fritz Winery facility.
The sale was purely a business decision, partner Bob Riskin told me, who lamented that none of the three partner’s children were interested in the wine business. Under the leadership of Randy Keyworth, Jack States and Bob Riskin, Lost Canyon grew from a personal hobby to a sustainable commercial business worthy of a loyal following and many accolades.
Clayton Fritz and his winemaker Brad Longton fell in love with Lost Canyon wines and have committed to retaining their unique style, sourcing the same Russian River Valley vineyards and cooperages. Clayton Fritz and his parents before him, Jay and Barbara, built Fritz Winery over the last thirty years into a prominent wine producer and are enthusiastic about adding Lost Canyon to their portfolio.”

From the Video review I posted, I suspect it’s an early-drinking wine, as the 05 seems to be on decent discount (for the reviewer concerned, at least), and his comments about its body. A suspicion only, however.

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K&L has the 05 for 9.99 per bottle.

Care to back that up with a link?

Here is the link.

Appears to be out of stock

Ahh that explains why I didn’t find it!

WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT? Bring on the Kluge, bring on the mum’s…I am buying the syra. Rats! I have to go to work! Forget sleeping… let’s eat, drink, and be merry! For the Saints have won the SUPER BOWL! I know I can’t buy one for everyone, but if you let me rat this week, I’ll let everybody know what it would have tasted like! Darn the limit of 3!

-Rebuilding New Orleans one bottle at a time!

Too much Swamp juice for this guy…

Can there ever be too much wine?

Haven’t bought any syrah in quite awhile - well, maybe some of the Havens was syrah. Anyway, I’m in and available to rat.