Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah Three - Pack

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Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah Three - Pack - $54.99 + $5 shipping

3 * 2007 Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah

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Oh glory we have wine!

Ah crap! Suffered through non-wine for this :(.

Thankfully (?) above my price point. Now back to work!

Hhaha, i thought the same thing… Should’ve bought that ty!!

I went in for one during the last woot-off, and so far it’s been my favorite of all the offerings I’ve gone in on. I still have two bottles from that last offer, but I’ll probably be in for at least one set this time.


Does this need time in the cellar??

Are you sure it’s not just “whine” that you’re interested in?

Have you had the zeppelin syrah to compare?

Nice to see some wine again.

How good a deal is this?

Unfortunately, no. I’m relatively new around here and I think I’d already far exceeded my wine budget by the time I saw the Zeppelin offering.

Hard to gauge, as it’s not listed on the winery website. I seem to recall during the last woot-off, the winery mentioning that it hadn’t been released to the general public yet. The last Syrah listed on their site is a 2005, which is selling at $35 a bottle. If the price for the 2007 were in line with that, this would be an excellent deal.

Got nine the last time, have had two and it is outstanding… 07’ is a great year for all types…lots of friends that also like it, and have been drinking it for years. just bought the riverbench ( also a great one from 07’)so have to pass on this one…its a good buy and hold for a couple of years… it will be great.

man I wish I had extra money to toss towards wine, that and more ability to drink wine more often.

lol I love it. More interested in “whine” indeed. If they would have offered a great cab you’d hear me whining why oh why did they have to offer something that made me spend $50! Nothing but complaints out of me, you are correct haha.

Jumped in for two this time. Wish I could go for three, but I can’t even really afford what I did order.

18.80 for nine the last time on woot

I am drinking the Zeppelin Syrah RIGHT NOW and it is some delish stuff. I don’t know how it compares to this offer, but if it comes back up, I’m in for 3.