Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah - Three Pack

Is this the end of the wine wootoff?

It appears that the woot off has wooted off.

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Why is shipping $7? Did I miss something?

I am crying so hard that the Woot-off ended without a trace of Albino Rhino. My world is so wrecked that I may actually focus on work this afternoon.

It’s the summer shipping price to keep the wine from boiling… it has been that way for the past couple months.

Yes, I guess you missed that it’s summer.

$7 summer shipping. You don’t want your wine sitting too long on a hot truck.

Seems odd . . . . exact same offer as the previous one recently. Maybe they forgot the flashing lights?

Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah Three - Pack
$54.99 + $7 SUMMER shipping
Condition: Red
32007 Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah

Community price here is just under $20 probvasbly due to wooters. Some decent reviews of smoke and game and decent acidity.

Indeed, " oog on 2/26/2010 & rated 89 points: Nose: Raspberry is the big note. Maybe a hint of green if you swirl it in your glass. Taste: Has a good tartness on the tip of the tongue, almost a minerality. Not huge fruit, but some red fruit notes. There’s a really discernible spicy, not quite tobacco, not quite clove note on the finish that really lingers. "

Reminds me of Calcareous, sort of… Anyone tasted both?

Strong reviews for the 2005 said Corrado last time, and a $25ish per bottle community price, but this time it’s all 2007…

EDIT: OOh, Blackberries!

If only that made it mevushal…

I guess I was just comparing the shipping to that of the immediately prior oil - thanks for the explanation.

Aye, same here. By the time the next Woot-Off rolls around, it will be practically fall and the Rhino will be out of season. Alas.

Possibly - I just received a Wootoff alert to my phone about the offer.

Well there’s clearly a glitch somewhere with the Gulch - if you go to any of the other woot homepages, there’s still the yellow woot-off box around the wine.woot picture. And a countdown bar. So either someone is lying here, or someone is lying everywhere else.

Yeah, I should. But I’ll probably get on my mountain bike and head to the beach. Wait, but first, here’s some Rain Republic Chocolate. Mmmmm, chocolate.

Where do you live - I have an abundance of Rhino I might part with

Check your private emails

I ordered this wine as when it was first offered on woot. I was not a fan of this juice at all and ended up gifting it all. People I gifted it to ended up enjoying it though, so take that for what it’s worth.