LOST: Discuss the final episode

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The entire show was all in Jack’s head. At the end he was laying exactly where he started because nothing actually happened in between. This is evidenced by the wreckage of the plane on the beach at the end. It remained untouched. We saw that the survivors dismantled it to use in their camp and in the raft on the first season. But at the end we see that it never actually happened.

Might want to add ‘contains spoilers’ to your title there. I’m not a Lost watcher, but if I was and Tivo’d the finale, this thread might upset me to open…


did hawkeye ever get rotated home? it seemed like he was in corea for over ten years, or longer than the war itself!

i don’t understand how doctor pulaski could have been kilt by falling down a turbolift shaft. shouldn’t the computer have kept the turbolift doors closed?

hey, i heard deckard was a sixth replicant. thoughts?

i don’t see how star wars starships really stack up well against star trek starships. tos enterprise and later can maneuver at ftl speeds, and have ftl weapons (photon torpedos are warp capable), whereas it seems like all of star wars fighting is done sublight. death star mite present an offensive threat due to power output, but seems vulnerable to a few well-placed photon torpedoes. i also wonder how it would do if dimensional jump from tng ep “the high groundD” was used to transport a few kilos of antimatter inside the death star.

It left me with the questions that I’ve had from seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5 unanswered.

the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

the answer is blowing in the wind.

Yep, this article basically says that.

“In the end, it’s hard not to see Lost as the longest con of them all. Not because we didn’t get enough answers - it’s really true that after this episode, I don’t need any more answers than what we got. But because all along, Lost seemed to be a story. Until the end, when it wasn’t. In the end, it was just a bunch of stuff that happened.”

When he said it I turned to my wife and said “he just called linus a sh*t.”

I don’t really believe that thing I posted up there, but was hoping to spark something. oh well.

let’s discuss the first show… cuz i havent seen any…am i baaadddd???

If someone didn’t see it yet, why would they read this?

They all went off to heaven without the dog?
That isn’t right

Unless Schrobble is right and it was all just a few minutes after the crash.

But everyone knows, “All Dogs go to Heaven.”

Didn’t you see the movie???