Lost Forever

Mobius strips are cool. you can write on both sides of the loop without ever lifting your pen.

Hey! That’s an 8 turned sideways!

This is so aMAZEing. boom. pun.

If I find a way out, do I win a prize?

even a ball of string can’t help you now!

but this would seriously make for some awesome thread-winding. normal circular spools are so over.

This entire week has been an infinite loop of that pun. A fitting end is this woot.

If someone could make a shirt that was a mobius strip you could wear it inside out & right side out at the same time.

I love infinite loops =D
Or as they say… mobius strips

Looks like it has two edges and two surfaces, so that’s no Mobius strip. It’s just infinity … good God, isn’t that enough for you?


I’m confused. It has no exit, but does it have an entrance?

Congrats Lagbert, cool design! This is your first print right? Great to see someone sticking with it and having it pay off!

This is the one I felt should have gotten 1st, but at least I can grab it now :smiley: In for 1.

I don’t get the attraction to this at all it just looks like lines criss crossing. I know it is the infinity symbol but it just looks unattractive to me, not that what I think really matters in the woot universe, but I figured I would share my opinion anyway!

this is a 3 dimensional object with only one side. Ya know if you could make a car tire like this all of the outside air would always be inside it, or maybe all of the inside air would be outside. I’m not sure if you’d never have a flat or if it would always be flat.

I think it’s one of those things where you either get it or you hate it, kind of like the reference to the Konami Code in the description. Personally, I love it!

Congrats Lagbert on placing thrid and the print. I am happy for you. Its strong design. I hope it sells well. :slight_smile:

Awesome, congrats, Lagbert! This is a very visually appealing design. Way to go! :smiley:

Maxine Nightengale recorded the theme song for this shirt way back in 1975.

there once was a race car driver who got lost on a mobius track. He decided he would write words on the track until he found his way out. He wrote “a toyota race fast safe car a toyota” Problem was when he turned around it spelled the same thing. The moral of this story is never write palindromes inside an infinite loop or you could end up loopy like the mods tonight.
edit: mod’s head just disintegrated.