Lost in Transition

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Lost in Transition [Yipes Stripes] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Wednesday) OR $5 international shipping shipping

1 * Black Woot Tee

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Is that the Photoshop CS2 feather?

M.C. Escher, eat your zebra out!

An abnormally artsy shirt for the woot catalogue. I love the colors.

This is the kind of thing that makes me wish woot could use “real people” models/photos, though. I’m not sure enough how it’ll look on my body. :confused:

reminds me of photoshop, I’ll pass tho

70’s era zebra goodness…

Where’s the shirt-off?

Surely this will forever put to rest the age old question: Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Well, my friends, they are clearly neither of the above.

This shirt is quite philosophical! Seems like a perfect way to refute the idea of transitivity of identity! X = Y, Y = Z, therefore X = Z…but zebra does not equal feather. Deep!

a very slinky-esque Zebra


I just don’t get it

Aww, look at the little zuebird…

There’s something calming and soothing about this design. You can almost see the lilt of the feathers as they drift away from the zebra.

What acts like a horse, looks like a horse, and sounds like a horse?

A Zebra with…feathers…?

Wait a minute here, this isn’t right.

Wait… the chicken came before the egg or the zebra?

And for my fellow shirt aficionados… threadless is having their special everything is $9 sale.

shirt design would be better on a pocket t-shirts pocket. every woot shirt has to have the design plastered all over the middle. this shirt would be 100 x better w/ the design on a pocket. C’mon woot, mix it up a little bit!!! Lets get some long sleeve option available too, winter is forthcoming!

It’s a zebra turning into feathers. Not much to get. :slight_smile:

It appears he has the molting blues.