Lost Luggage

If only luggage found it’s way back to you in real life…

I know that’s a girl suitcase, because a boy suitcase would never admit he’s lost.

That piece of luggage is clearly unattended.

Perfect for the airport, but where’s the part showing a TSA agent giving it the grope?

That luggage could use a little hat. If you’re going to be lost you might as well look good and keep your head warm. =/

It’s almost like there should be a toilet under the suitcase…

He/she/it needs a GPS. Problem solved.

ha! and I’m laughing again. Probably because I haven’t travelled in awhile. Brown on olive excellent color mix.

This reminds me of the Faces in Places blog.

Apparently 1 in every 150 people have their luggage lost every year… maybe this one will find a friend?

Is it made of sapient pearwood? I think it should have a few more legs.

Homeward Bound: The Animated Movie.

Always fly Southwest Airlines nuff said…

Who still uses paper maps when there are GPA apps?

Discworld ftw.

and teeth ; )

Hey, what’s wrong with Toledo?!? It’s a perfectly nice place!

There’s probably a 99% chance that the suitcase is full of underwear, because it’s always what we need most that gets lost in airlines.

That is such a ridiculously hilarious write-up. I’ve not laughed that hard since I don’t know when. I will now be cutting and pasting it into a Word document so as I never forget it.