LOST theories


If there’s already a thread on this, sorry…please point me in the right direction. I didn’t see one during a quick scan.

I’ve been totally hooked on this show from the very first episode, and have collected quite a few theories and tidbits from various sources along the way, as well as come up with some of our own (with other friends.)

There will be spoilers…so don’t read if you don’t wanna know!!!


Was one, lasted a few post and was gone. Best theory that came out of that one was the guy in the mental hospital who had the numbers had lived in the hatch.
I missed last week. Not happy about that.
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I’d love to discuss Lost. Love that show, it’s one of the hanful that I watch during the week. I missed one though, and it’s the one where they talked to “The Others”. What was said? “You stay on your side of the Island, and we’ll stay on ours”?

Regina, glad to see you here.


ooooh I totally love lost, but I hate spoilers!

I can’t wait til we found out what happens in a couple weeks when they don’t press the button.

obviously we aren’t going to find out this week. :slight_smile:


LOL, the phrase “Push the Button” is an inside joke in my house, but it has nothing to do with Lost. We’ve been saying it for several years now. I think it originated for us in relation to the garage door opener remote, and who was going to push the button when we come and go from the house.


easily entertained kids I see.


Not the kids, the wife and I. And yes, we (or at least I am) are easily entertained. Give me velcro, and I’ll be busy for hours.

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LOL…I can relate. I have seen every episode of Lost as well, I love it. So intense. I don’t want any spoilers though! Have fun!


They are souls in purgatory, and they are all being tested. From epi1 and 2, that was my guess/theory and I’m stuck on it. I’d love to hear others.

I can’t remember all the other examples, but it explains how Locke could suddenly walk? It would be the reason the coffin of Jack’s dad was empty.(He was already dead and soul was gone.) Too complex to get into…at least w/out more coffee.


The only real spoiler I’ve ever had was who one of the Apprentice finalists would be, but it was after Vegas stopped taking bets, so it didn’t do me much good, hehe.

Oh, and I had all the episodes of Dead Like Me, in advance…including it’s cancellation.

I do love Mandy P. more, in Criminal Minds, though.


Gimma, Dead Like Me, I love that show. I’m currently trying to get the re-runs they are showing recorded onto my DVR. From there, I plan to copy them to tape. I haven’t seen Criminal Minds, although I’ve wanted to because of Mandy P. But I did love his character, Rube, on DLM. He was a good choice to play Rube.


Didn’t Jack see his father on the island once?


Yup, but I don’t think they ever spoke. Once, Locke looked up at the thing and said he saw great beauty.

Several times, I think they’ve all had glimpses into Heaven and Hell. Each person has something in their past that seems to need resolution, as if in Purgatory, needing to determine the final resting place of their souls. I want to hear other theories, Regina!


My best buddy from school was the Exec. Producer and senior writer, so if I ever get the free copies I was promised, I’ll send 'em to you. I have the ones I want on tape. There were lots of Easter Eggs that came from our friendship…like he used my maiden name on one of the characters that gets her soul taken…nice, eh. Also , heused my childhood street address on a house…something little I had to watch for in each epi. It made it soooo fun to watch. I even got to have lunch w/ Mandy Patinkin, hehe. He’s odd, but very casual and pleasant.


I guy I worked with wound up being a writer on Letterman. They always use the writers as audiance members for skits. One night I’m watching and he is on using the name of another guy we worked with.
He wrote a book and had something that only the bunch of us who worked together would think was funny. It was almost 15 years after he quit that job. I’m laughing at it wondering how the editors let him take up so much space on something no body would understand as a joke.

Sister in law has one of the law and order stars in her building. Maybe I should look for references about my niece, the dog! I don’t think the actors have input on the writing.


So the guys in the forest are passed over?
Maybe if we get the snow I’ll rewatch the first season. Got too use to HBO, on every week, no commercials, watch it on demand the next day, to watch Lost and catch everything.


Okay fellow LOST affectionados, here comes the good stuff…

wildly flails arms made out of dryer vent hose
Danger Will Robinson…spoilers will not be specifically announced. If you don’t wanna know, stop now!

Many of these are older, but I need to set up some background. Many people have speculated from the beginning a couple of theories:

  1. They’re all dead and in Purgatory…pfffftttt…
  2. Or that there is only ONE survivor, who has split into several personalities in an effort to keep from going crazy—as each character does seem to represent one personality trait over all others.

Baby stuff.

First, a couple of links for minor stuff…then I’m going to get to a major theory that just blew me away when I first read it. You might want to wait til I get it all posted before commenting…then PLEASE feel free to add on anything else you’ve found or thought up on your own. Literary and psychological references abound. These writers are GENIUSES.

http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/lost <----just something fun and silly to get you into the mood.

http://www.oceanicworldair.com/wilson9mz2.gif <----This is a fun ‘secret memo’ that was leaked by the producers. I just LOVE how they’re playing with us for our obsessions!!! :smiley:

One of the earliest well-thought-out theories was the ‘mirror theory’…it seemed to hold up for awhile, but I don’t think things have been falling into place for that since near the end of the first season, and this season. Ooops…I’ve lost the link I had where someone explained it so well, but like I said, it has pretty much fallen by the wayside. If I find it later, I’ll post it.

In the meantime, here are a couple of timelines to just refresh your memories (not totally brought up to date yet at the end, but they both start wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy in the beginning):




Um, yeah, sorta…my theory is that they are in limbo, being tested till Judgment Day.OOoooooo, so complex…I can’t start! I would be here all day giving examples, lol! I love it!


Lol, I see we disagree, haha! Yeah, I’d considered the second one, but it leaves too much of the weird stuff on the island unexplained.

Sticking w/ my gut, but the writers are freakin’ brilliant! Soooo brilliant that they probably didn’t know what direction in which to go and are altering things as people speculate.


There’s a ton of that “insider joke” stuff that is allowed. It’s for their own amusement, I think, lol. (Letterman is my fav of all the LNTshows…friend get tickets, hehe?)


About the Hanso Foundation: http://www.kraftkost.com/pages/1/index.htm <—I’m going to get back to this in more depth later

Is Lost a literal enigma? (this is from an article from last season–link below)
Izzy writes "Literary references have been sprinkled throughout the mysteries of Lost: In an episode last season, the character Sawyer was reading Watership Down by Richard Adams, the story of rabbits searching for a safe place in a threatening world. At another point, he read Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, about time travel.

Look for another literary reference — and possibly another clue to the island’s secret — on tonight’s Lost (ABC, 9 ET/PT).

At one point, someone will pick up a copy of the novel The Third Policeman by the late Irish writer Flann O’Brien. The cover will be seen for about a second, ABC confirms.
It will be featured at a “key moment” in the show, Craig Wright, who co-wrote the episode with Javier Grillo-Marxuach, told the Chicago Tribune. Wright also said anyone familiar with the book will “have a lot more ammunition” in dissecting Lost plotlines.
Following the bread-crumb trail of clues in Lost has become a passionate pastime, fueled further by a new season that has taken viewers down the hatch. In lost-tv.com’s Literary Mysticism area, fans already are analyzing The Third Policeman.
So could this be a Rosetta stone for Lost?
Neither ABC nor the scriptwriters would comment on Policeman or its relation to the plot. But Amy Bauer, a music professor at the University of California-Irvine who helps organize the flood of postings on lost-tv.com, doesn’t think so.

more at link: http://www.lost-media.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1241&mode=&order=0&thold=0

Remember the episode with the glass eye? And have you noticed how many of the opening scenes begin with a closeup of one of the character’s eyes? This intertwines pretty well with one of the major theories, but I can’t remember exactly where it was referred to: http://skepdic.com/remotevw.html