LOST (west coasters beware)


Lost discussion thread? I have no idea if it’ll take off but why not try? New season starts in 50 minutes!


shhhhh, lost is on!


only the recap episode :wink:


cough 46


I should warn you, with the different time zones, if the east coast mentions something the west coast people get really mad.
I asked a question about something once and got pounced on by west coasters!

I can say my daughter interned for ABC in NYC when Desperate Housewives was in it’s first season. When the feed come in for the last show of the season, the entire department stopped what it was doing to watch. I’m sure they did the same with this!


Yeah, but I didn’t watch last season! Figured I would buy it, then didn’t.

Stop talking!!!

I have to shut the computer or put myself on probation.


Uh-oh, that hadn’t even occurred to me! Title changed =P
And that sounds like a fantastic internship! I’d might check that out :wink: I’d love to get paid to watch television…


Ah - yes last season was full of a bunch of new stuff. Sorry to bother - XD

But it’s commercials right now, however… =P


you don’t watch nearly as much as you’d think…


That’s unfortunate :frowning: I suppose I’ll stick to NIH then =P


it’s a lot of fun, though. hours stink, pay’s generally not something to write home about, but i don’t suspect pay for the gov’t is fantastic either.


It’s not too bad - but esp being in govt research, I’d guess it’s in the same payrange as television


could be


so…uh…do you watch lost? =P


nope! never have, and I try to avoid shows that suck away so much time! :wink: but feel free to join us in PWA or the other threads for some general, off-topic chat :slight_smile:


Hehe - okay; if I can pull myself away from lost =P


//smack get of the thread! There are only so many posts I can read during a commercial!
You are wasting my reading time!

How many new episodes are there?
They better tie up all the loose ends. They swore they would.


This season? 14 episodes. Then another 14 next season, and then another 14 for the sixth and final season. (They made the decision to have 3 seasons of 14 episodes to give the writers more time to, uh, figure out what’s goin on themselves).




rage rage rage