Hey guys does anyone watch the show lost? Its pretty wierd… I’m hooked :slight_smile:




I love it! [:)]


I Like it. I just sat and watched the entire first season. the episodes were about 46 minutes long, and commercials for an hour show are usually 26 minutes - soooo - I think that’s how I’m gonna watch the rest of the series - just wait for the dvd’s to come out.


ya me again, i wonder what would happen if they didnt push the button? And i read a spoiler that said they will discover something interesting with the computer. I WONDER???


I love Lost, was hooked right from the start! It’s the only show I record every week (besides the news) to watch after work. Hope to buy the DVD’s of the first season. I think one of the new characters (dark haired bossy lady- forgot her name) is Syid’s (sp?) former love interest. The lady who’s picture he carries. [:)]


They have not even mentioned the button for two weeks. I think they should let the time run out. If you really like the show you probable know this stuff already but if you don’t… website www.oceanic-air.com. the flight number is 815 and the numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. There are lots of other sites, but I wrote this one down.




Truly lost…