Lots o' Batteries

I bought this a previous time that it was on woot. The batteries are as promised, but the charger is cheap generic Chinese crap. To really get the most from modern rechargeables, you need a modern charger.

Here’s one on amazon

Eneloops: these are one of the best rechargeable AA batteries you can get, bar none.

Do note that these are the older generation of Eneloops (2nd gen I believe) so they’re not bad, but not quite as good as current-gen.

These come in purdy sparkly colors. That’s a plus for some.

Charger is meh. It gets the job done, but a “smart” charger it is not. To get the best out of your batts, get one like the La Crosse that’s linked above.

Also for the eneloops:
You may think the sparkles are just fancy, but they have a use: keeping sets of batteries matched. I had a couple sets of white eneloops, and they got very hard to keep track of which ones were charged and weren’t, which device they were used in, etc.

I bought 2 sets of sparkly ones, and keep the colors together - and I can charge them together (in my LaCrosse) and I know what device is using what batteries too. Not trivial.

If you are a photographer with flashes that take 4 AAs, get 4 packs, and you’ll always know that you are keeping the same set of batteries together, which should make them last longer.

So in for 2 more I think.

It may be time to refresh my rechargeable AA collection.

There are lots of great rechargeable batteries out there currently, with Eneloop being one of the best of the great. My personal favorites are Maha Powerex branded and hands down the best charger is the Maha Powerex MH-C808M. For a lot of batteries for short money, however, I would go with Tenergy, whose batteries aren’t quite as long lasting per-charge, but you can get a ton on the cheap.

Batteries! love talking about batteries! In response to TT’s piquant query it’s a cheap 2.4 mouse I got on ebay. I love it, it works on any surface including my fat, hairy belly, true story! It eats AAAs though, pair a week.

We love our Eneloops! We use them mostly for the camera, Wii remotes and Garmin. They do not discharge noticeably when not is use. I have had the same set in the camera for a few months. I wish there was a set of just batteries available as we don’t need another charger.

Got two sets of the sparkly eneloops last time they were on here (about two weeks now?) to add to the one set I already had. Lots of freshly charged AA now :).

Now just need woot to start offering some eneloop AAA!

Just jumped in for 1 dose each of the Kodak AA and AAAs. I purchased the AAs before on WOOT about three years ago and am now down to the last 6-8 of the 72 pack. I use them in my wireless keyboard, mouse, digital camera, flashlights, and more.

Plus, my son and his family who live 4 miles away from us are always dropping in and “borrowing” stuff, so… well, never mind; not gonna go there this morning.

Love eneloops so just ordered my 1st 2 sets of the glitter ones. I’ve got a PowerEx MH-C9000 to keep them very happy.:slight_smile:
This is about 1/2 of what you’ll pay for these elsewhere.

I agree with the assessment of Tenergy batteries. However, comparing prices, these Eneloops are actually competitive, as far as price goes.

I’ll definitely look into the charger you recommended…

Agreed! And save the crap chargers; just double the battery count. :wink:

I think it’s hilarious how all the “normal” people are all over Ni-MH batteries now. The ostracized nerds have been using them for decades. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: since the woot codemonkeys can’t be bothered to fix the BBS code to auto tag URLS, here is that GOOD charger, previously recommended, in easy to click, handmade format:


PPS: NOT recommended for the “normal” people, but one of the BEST battery chargers ever made:


For those of you who are interested in other sizes, they also have C and D adapters that use the AA battery.

For what it is worth Energizer sells C and D 2500 mah batteries, roughly $4 per battery as opposed to the $2 per battery here. In my experience the Eneloop 2000 mah batteries using the adapters lasted longer than the 2500 Energizer C and D cells.

I have that charger and love it. But sucks when you want to do a charge marathon and only have the 4 slots. I was hoping these included ones were at least decent. I guess they charged but I had to stick them in my La Crosse to know if they were full…the lights on the cheap white ones just stays red :/.

Lots of noise about many eneloop batteries available, but none available for purchase except for an 8 pak with charger. Where are the batteries?

There’s an Amazon review pointing out these are special edition batteries from 2010. Not sure how accurate that is, but worth noting.

I too bought these last time around, and the generic charger that comes included seems dangerous to me. It makes the batteries and charger itself get significantly hot during charging. It made them so much hotter than the sanyo charger than I threw the generic charger away.

It’s worth noting that these are the second (not third) generation of eneloop batteries, model hr-3utga.

I ordered these but wondering just what type of benefits you get from a better charger. I see the linked charger on Amazon has charging options in terms of how much juice is going in. Also readouts to let you know when its charged. A function to decharge the battery. And to refresh it by decharging and recharging 20 times???

So here’s my question. Since these battery charger says it has the leakage charge function so it won’t “overcharge” the battery am I going to get longer life from the Enerlop batteries from the better charger?

I don’t have a problem just leaving my batteries in the charger for 24 hours. And I have a meter that i use to see what charge the battery is holding if I want to see what charge is on the battery. Plus if it doesn’t overcharge I assume it doesn’t hurt it to just charge it more?

Finally, is charging and decharging 20 times in the charger really a way to refresh these things? Doesn’t it eat into its overall life doing that?

FYI, these glitter batteries at Amazon. 39.95 for eight with free shipping and 2 non amazon sellers have it for 25 with about $5 for shipping.