Lots of Flashlights

I just bought the P7 today on Amazon for $28.25 including free Prime shipping. Woot isn’t much of a deal for that light.


I have the P2 and it’s a great, lightweight light. The way it focuses is great; there are no dark rings. I love it.

Great flashlights, probably in for one if i can find something else to put in the cart this week.

Any chance of getting a Led Lenser F1 next flashlight sale? That is the light i am looking for.

I have the PT175. Actually a couple I bought off Woot last year. They’re good backup lights, or good for someone who needs to carry a flashlight (first responders) but doesn’t usually use it (day shift) because it’s nice and light (er… not heavy).

It doesn’t have great battery life, though, so for someone who uses one a lot I would just go with the traditional streamlight rechargable fare.

Does anyone know if the Lenser L7 has a momentary contact switch on the rear cap?


Hey man, this reviewer covers the switches nicely.


I have purchased several of the Goal Zero (USB rechargeable) from woot. I travel to some pretty remote places where electricity can be scarce, if at all.
I pair them with my SunPort solar charger and BINGO, I can charge them anywhere.I then have a great flashlight and the ability to charge my devices.
Thanks woot!

that isn’t eligible for prime

Where are these manufactured? (the Life+Gear ones)

Not sure where, but I can inquire with the buyers can find out.
Thanks for the inquiry!

The LED Lensor P7 functions well as a flashlight but if you buy one be aware that the metal piece shown holding the strap to the flashlight bends and comes off easily.

Rogetray did you find out from the manufacturer yet?

Nah no dice. I will hopefully get a response by tomorrow and update any info I find here in the forum.

You’re right, but if you look down the list of sellers, there’s one for sale for $28.00 and free shipping (by the seller with ‘OK’ in blue print for their logo).


On Amazon with free shipping == $27.75