Lots of Golf Balls

Lost golf balls has the Srixon Z Star for $13.99 in mint condition.


Purchased Titleist ProV1 balls from here three months ago for 14 bucks.

I agree. Srixon prices are ridiculous.

You are comparing prices on used balls (Titleist) to new ones (Srixon.)

The price shocked me as well until I realize this wasn’t just another dozen refurbs.

The Polara Balls, shockingly do work.

We bought some to try out and there is a noticeable difference. Only thing I dislike is on your second shot from the fairway you have to pick up the ball and readjust it to line it up again.

They are a fun novelty, but they are banned from tournament play.

Where are the women’s golf balls??

The Srixon balls are a good deal. The cheapest I’ve ever found them on sale in a golf store for was about $35…but they are usually around $48.

Golfsmith & Dick’s have all the Z Star balls for $29.99/dozen. I was quite excited about this sale until I realized the price has dropped on these significantly. A 2013 model must be about to hit stores.

The Z Star XVs are available on Amazon for $24.99/dozen Prime eligible. This really isn’t a great deal.

Do they usually only put 1 set of the Nike balls up for sale? Downer that I missed out…

Don’t waste your money on the Refurbised Pro V 1s. I bought 3 dozen a while back and they are total junk and have been put on shag bag duty.