Lots Of Pots (& Spans Of Pans)

Does anyone know how “non-stick” the various non-stick pans are?

I’m considering getting a set of the frying pans/skillets to replace my, sadly, poorly cared for wedding Calphalon sets that are no longer really non stick.

What can I expect?

Little bit of googling:

KitchenAid just says 3-layer non-stick and PFOA Free.

Emeril #11 says Emerilware™s nonstick surfaces do not have harmful PFOA gases.

Bialetti: PTFE Coating

I brought the Analon set, I think in late August when it was last sold by Woot. I LOVE IT. The look and feel is wonderful, although I must say they looked a little different to me in person. (I thought they would be a little more seamless.) I didn’t know this, but in order to prevent sticking with stainless steel, you must heat the pan first, before added to food. I went online and found some great tutorials for cooking with stainless stain and this helped a lot. Everything cooks beautifully in these pots. Things heat and cook evenly without hot spots. I am actually purchasing another set as I want one more of each and would like to toss my other older cook wear.

My only issues are that three of the pots came with a few scratches on the black parts, if you have hard water, get ready to dry and polish them each time you wash and consider investing in Bartenders a Friend which is great stainless steel polish. Finally sticking is an issue if you do not heat properly before you begin cooking.

I have two Emeril frying pans from another mall retailer. They are a nice non-stick surface. I do not use metal utensils in them, so they have held up nicely (owned for approximately 4 years now?) I hand wash them as well. Used for anything that would need frying (bacon, indoor burgers, chicken breast, boxed rice/noodle meals).