Isn’t it “dollop”?

Yep. Oops.

Damned inexpensive and damned ugly, too!

Houston! Ummmm…the soup bowls are $9.99 EACH??? It looks like that may be an error. Are the bowls $9.99 for a set of…?

[MOD: Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out. They’re a set of 2. BIG BOWLS!]

You’d have to eat upwards of 10 bowls of soup before you get your money’s worth.

Tell us how you really feel.

They actually look quite nice in person. The colors let you mix and match with each other and spice it up with placemats and other linens.

Is the height of the soup bowls available? Or volume?

If they’re 6.75" wide at the top, they appear to be about 3" deep.

Since you’ve seen them: is the image for the fruit bowls incorrect, or is it the listed dimensions (5"x5.5")?

Maybe the diameter at the bottom is 5" and they’re 5.5" tall. The top does look wider than the height…
Images below are not to scale because the soup is wider (but shorter) than the fruit.





Edit: Not that it matters…they’d all just become cereal bowls in my house…

I found these images searching through google if they help at all.

Soup Bowls

Fruit Bowls