Lotus Dream

Now where is my sports car?

I’m dreaming of a whiiiiiiite lotus…

Smooooke on the waaater. Towers in the sky.

My biggest regret of 2010 was not buying every Patrickspens shirt that came along. I’m looking to redeem myself this time around. Kids, don’t make the same mistake I did; buy Patrickspens.

Congrats PatrickPens - both as artist of the year and here. The buildings and reflections are so nice!

My Lotus dream is an Exige , Red with black leather interior. This is nice too.

But I like pulling Klingon sentences out of a hat. How else would I find good pickup lines?

ooh… is anyone else having Chrono Trigger flashbacks?

Maybe I play too many videogames. But I like this shirt anyways.

If you don’t keep up with the other parts of this site, you may have missed that Patrickspens is the Woot 2010 Artist of the Year, and also designed the Shirt of the Year:


Lotus power: the clean, efficient, mystical energy source that powers your floating city and mine.

This reminds me of Steel Magnolias…only I guess in this case it would be Steel Lotus. Hmm, that does not sound like a wholesome family movie…

Congrats, Patrick. I know this will be a beautiful print! Awesome imagery :D.

Either it is a perspective shot with a beautiful lotus blossom in the foreground…

Or it’s a gigantic, beautiful lotus blossom that is releasing double-sided, floating Indian sky palaces (notice the slight shimmer of their propulsion engines on the sides?) into the air and out to conquer the world!!!

Either way, pretty darn cool.

Some of the artists are very good, but mostly recycle the same themes over and over. patrickspens does something new and fresh every time, and he does it great. Definitely my fave.

Not only that, but I only just finished watching “Ghandi” again!

it’s flower power!

Mind= blown.

To enter the floating tower, go to Melmond and learn Leifinish, then go to Leifin and get the chime which lets you into the mirage tower…sorry, can you tell I recently found my old NES emulators?

I think you may be on to something: Patrickspens line of clothing.

Anyone imagine what would happen if a number of top shirt.woot! artists banded together and started their own line?

ya, I’m guessing that they might sell at most 3000 per day & then tell you to come back tomorrow if you didn’t get one but we’ll charge you 5 bucks more. ;^)

Bunny Brand Clothing :smiley: