Lotus Grill w/Transport Bag - Your Choice!

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Lotus Grill w/Transport Bag - Your Choice!
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Is it really safe to burn charcoal indoors? I thought that stuff gave off fumes.

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This claim sounds dubious indeed:

You probably need a really high quality charcoal to reduce smoking.

Yep, there is such a thing as professional grade charcoal. It is safe to use indoors. Many restaurants use it.

Any charcoal will burn cleaner (less smoke) under forced air, because the burn temperature is higher.

No restaurant burns large amounts of charcoal indoors without a flame hood that has an exhaust fan running constantly.

I wouldn’t try to use this grill indoors without excellent ventilation, and I’d still expect it to make your walls smell like smoke forever if used for any significant length of time.

Nope, this product is not safe to use in an enclosed area, period. Whether it’s “smokeless” or not, the major harmful/fatal by-product of any burning charcoal (from the crudest cheapo stuff to the highest grade boutique stuff) is carbon monoxide. That stuff will put you to sleep permanently in short order if not handled properly.

As stated above, any restaurant that uses charcoal or burning wood in its operation is doing so in a highly ventilated area or using a properly sized vent hood. There is no “clean” charcoal or specialty grill that would get around that necessity when it’s in an enclosed space, unless it can reliably vent 100% of the smoke/fumes out of the enclosed area; or, I suppose, if it had some kind of industrial-strength catalytic scrubber to remove it, but this doesn’t.

So, whether the ad says it’s safe to use indoors or not, it’s definitely and emphatically NOT!

Interesting. I’d love to try one but not at these prices. $30-$50 maybe… $100-$180… holy smokes!

Tl;dr: easy to use. Pics all show outdoor use.

Waiting for my own quality post callout: “InFrom breathlessly raises asphyxiation issues.”

Agreed, NOT safe indoors. This is exactly how Brad Delp, singer for Boston, committed suicide!

Indoor grill = bathtub toaster

I just viewed the video and seems to me there is a lot of smoke to be using indoors.

You know, upon re-reading, nowhere in the product description does it say it’s for indoor use. At least I don’t think it does. It’s only in the sales pitch written by some Woot writer, in the form of a goofy Beach Boys song parody. Which clearly calls this an indoor grill. I think it’s time to call Rewrite!

Not sure what you’re reading, but in the product description, the very first sentence and bullet list item states, "The Lotus Grill is a portable grill that has a built-in battery operated fan which works just like a bellows; outdoor or indoor grill for grilling on the go!

The compact grill charcoal lights easily so the grill is ready to use in minutes; charcoal grill that is safe to use indoors (smokeless)".

Aside from common sense with fire…when all else fails…look at the manufacturer’s web site for the fine manual.

“…Do not use this grill in
unventilated spaces…”

Looks like a liquid gel is needed to light the grill and a Youtube video (and Amazon review) indicate you need to use hardwood charcoal, which is not the cheapest. So in addition to being pricing to buy it looks to be pricey to operate… yet I am still mesmerized by its other features. I wonder how much the XXL one will cost when available in the States?

Thanks for pointing that out. My defense is that I posted that before my first cup of coffee (does that work?)

ya use common sense for it play with it. The recomended charcoal is hardwood/ beechwood charcoal.

You’re wrong, but that’s ok.

They aren’t using the professional charcoal in the video. There are some that you can use indoors, but it’s very expensive.

Why is that ok?