LoungePod Inflatable Chairs (Your Choice)

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LoungePod Inflatable Chairs (Your Choice)
Price: $29.99 - 39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Sep 07 to Thursday, Sep 08) + transit
Condition: New


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Would be helpful to see a picture of the chair’s seating area, have any?

Product Page Video and More

Apparently the Lounge-pod Limited Warranty page you provide a link for doesn’t exist anymore.

The reviews for these are literally ALL one-star. Does anyone have any positive experience to relate?

Yep, looks like we have the incorrect link there. It’ll be fixed in the morning.

Warranty link fixed!

There’s a few more pics on their site

I was thinking this would be perfect for son’s dorm room - until I read the review’s.

Anyone have any idea’s for a reasonably-priced comfy lounging (good for a 6’6" guy) spot in a dorm room?

How are these inflated?

You whip it around filling each chamber separately then rolling it shut.

Don’t waste your money. You can’t inflate these without an air mattress inflator & even then, trying to keep it closed enough to fill it & tie it off is ridiculous. You can maybe stay on it a minute if you get it inflated.

i bought a lounge pod at the beginning of summer and its great. I’m excited to try the lounge chair it looks smaller. I’ve been using mine inside and outside and even in the pool

I ran up and down the beach like an idiot trying to inflate one of these chairs. The video makes it look easy to swing and inflate, but there’s a plastic liner that makes it heavy, so it’s no where near as easy.
We literally threw it away this weekend.

as a decade long wooter, is anyone else noticing woot is putting more and more crappy stuff on here? it used to be awesome stuff for cheap, now it’s getting harder to find the good stuff among the junk

Why do you think so many others have had a negative experience with this product? What are they doing wrong?

Woot used to be, “some guy finds limited amount of cool product on deep-discount overstock, resells it to you for awesome price.” Now it’s, “Large corporation has too much of unpopular product, dumps stock on original guy’s loyal following.”

I’m disappointed in you, Woot. This is a ripoff of the Fatboy Lamzac (http://www.fatboyusa.com/us/lamzac) which is actually really awesome and comfortable. If this one sucks, it’s because it’s a crappy version of the real thing. I love mine–it’s tricky to figure out at first, but once you’ve got it, it’s easy.

I have been looking at these all summer and want to get some, but there is a huge price difference online. The original ones from Europe were $100, then on Amaz*n the prices are way less.
I went to quite a few popular beaches this year and didn’t see one of these.
The concept is nice and looks great online, I don’t want to waste my $$$ if they really don’t work.

It appears that this particular brand is a no-go… but I will say with first hand experience that these types of chairs (if you get a good one) are great. They are very comfortable, easy to inflate, hold air… pretty much everything this particular brand isn’t. Friends of ours brought two of these along with them when we vacationed for a week together on the beach and they were great.