Lousy Hat

The only things I’ve ever heard anyone getting in Canton was Mud and Mudders Milk (and I don’t think there’s much difference between the two).

Break a mother’s heart to think such a hat would come from a gift shop…

Well let’s see now which Canton are we talking about now so I can comment properly…
Canton, California
Canton, Connecticut
Canton, Georgia
Canton, Illinois
Canton, Indiana
Canton, Iowa
Canton, Kansas
Canton, Maine
Canton, Baltimore, Maryland, a neighborhood and park
Canton, Massachusetts
Canton, Michigan
Canton, Minnesota
Canton, Mississippi
Canton, Missouri
Canton, Montana, a former town now situated under Canyon Ferry Lake
Canton, New Jersey
Canton, New York, a town
Canton (village), New York
Canton, North Carolina
Canton City, North Dakota
Canton, Ohio
Canton, Oklahoma
Canton, Pennsylvania
Canton, South Dakota
Canton, Texas
Canton, West Virginia
Canton, Wisconsin

Just so we’re clear…

I love the Canton shout outs! However, the Canton on the design is a town that the Serenity crew visited on the TV show Firefly, which I very much recommend.