Louvered Panel and 16 Plastic Bin Set

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Louvered Panel and 16 Plastic Bin Set
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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Hmm. 4 bins across, and each bin is 7" wide. 28" of bins, but on a panel only 16" wide. So are the bins narrower than described, or is the panel wider?

Great catch! Here are the bin dimensions.

Inside Bottom Length: 6"
Inside Height: 2-13/16"
Inside Length: 6-3/4"
Inside Width: 3-7/16"

Outside Height: 3"
Outside Length: 7-3/8"
Outside Width: 4-1/8"

And the panel dimensions are:

Height: 19"
Width: 18"

It’s not clear how they attach to the back panel. Do they slide out vertically, or tilt out? How about a video link?

I have bins like this at home, and there is a tab on the back of each bin that clips over a slot in the board behind it. The ones I have are solid and can handle quite a bit of weight. You remove them by tilting & pulling up on the bin.

Thanks. Do you find that it’s a fussy maneuver, or pretty slick?

But… I don’t see how that adds up, are the bins wider than the panel when attached? Or does it only really fit 3 across?

Outside width = 4-1/8"

4-1/8" x 4 bins across = 16-1/2"

16-1/2" < 18" panel width

Drunk and misread.

I have a larger version of this in my shop (36" wide instead of 18" wide). The bins come on and off pretty easily.

The tabs allow the bins to droop just a tad which creates friction to hold them in place firmly. If you lift the front a fraction of an inch it relieves the pressure so you can easily lift the bin the rest of the way off the tab.

These Akro-Mils bins are very heavy duty. You’ll find these exact same bins in heavy use in warehouses, shops, and factories all over the world. I use mine for hardware and some are loaded with several pounds of steel parts - never had one crack or break with over a decade of regular use.