Love I Do

Great this is

Why, yes, I do love flying green marshmallows.

Captures the cheerfulness at the heart of Yoda’s grumpy swamp ; )

@ first I thought it was: I do love ewe (you)

The green thing looks more like a sheep than Yoda to me… (Grin)

I believe it was Yoda who said, “BOC, or BOC not. There is no try.”

Mrs. Yoda’s shirt this is?

Thank you Woot for running my latest shirt, and thank you Wooters for your continued support!
If you love that little green fella as much as I do, then buy shirts you must!

Looks like a bird to me! Read clockwise it says:

**I love bird do**

I thought it had something to do with Angry Birds.

I had no idea what that green thing was. I thought it was some new iphone game reference that I didn’t understand.

My first impression of the shirt was:
I love bird doo.

But i don’t love bird do, and i don’t care how it’s spelled. It’s frankly one of less appealing parts of living with cockatoos. (The bitter with the sweet you take.)

Wait. Explain this shirt to me please.

Me too. I would have never have guessed Yoda.

Love green-flying-pig-head I do.

This shirt I like.

This is a shirt that is great for kids, yet apparently Woot hardly has any kids blanks, in this color or otherwise, for any of the shirts lately. This is disappointing, Woot! Yet another shirt I’d have bought 2 of for my son.