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“Love” it but Missed it? Buy it Here Tomorrow

Aw, its cute. but I wish it wasn’t in red…night.

so cute. but not tonight. good night woot.

it would have been nice to see a “Singles Awareness Day” shirt, this date is home to 2 holidays!

wish it wasn’t it red =[

In for one…

In for one, poor timing, but got a V-day party on Sat… Nice design…

i guess it would be nice to give to my gf???

not 4 me… gnite. court in the morning for a speeding ticket :frowning:

yeah a shirt that missed the holiday… again…

neat design

I predict 4 hrs till sell out.

You don’t need V-day to feel the love. This is a fun one!

I can hear Pat Benatar in my head right now… Thanks Shirt.woot

Great stuff, Aegis. Not for me really, but definitely cool. Hope you see a quick sellout

Adorable. Nice job. Best daily in a while!

Eh. I don’t like it on red either. Overall a little corny for my liking.

Also… i used to leetspeak(geeky, I know) and 7 was never L.

Pringles guy?

I love it! If it wasn’t so girly cause of the hearts I would of bought one. Congrats to the artist! Shirts this week has been great.


"yeah a shirt that missed the holiday… again… "

Oddly, it wasn’t done for V-Day - maybe VJ Day, but not V-day.

And yes, it is MEGA corny - that’s the fun of it.

agreed and I am in for one! hadn’t bought a shirt (for myself) in a while. I have been wanting to see a red AA shirt AND this little guy is too cute to pass up.

Also, it will be nice looking with a long sleeve white undershirt for the rest of the winter. :slight_smile: