Love is Love

Congrats, Bignell!
That derby was intense. I’m glad I skipped it.

Love the positive message and design. :slight_smile:

Nice. Looks great on the purple.

A very nice win!

The transgender symbol kinda inherently stands for total inclusivity and understanding, so it’s a great fit for this message.

Good to see it supported by the voters.

Congrats! Great idea, super relevant!

Once again, Men’s sizes up to 3X and women’s sizes only up to XL. Yes, there’s a difference in the shapes, so don’t tell me I need to pay to strangle in a big man’s shirt. Really disappointed, once again, and Woot! doesn’t get my money.

Well done Mr Big and fourth place as well!!! Big Big congrats!

I just educated myself a little bit. This horned stick figure totem is the gender symbol for a Transgendered person.

Awesome. I’m glad this is so well received among wooters. Thank you for the votes and kind words!

Congrats on this! Well deserved