Love, Peace & Latke Grease

i love ampersand latkas!

Mmm. I love my ampersands best when they’re sautéed.

Is this shirt certified Kosher?

I’m guessing that a few people might need an explanation on this one:

Good, classy, subtle, political humor, done woot style, over easy.

I “Latke” this shirt a lot!

Oddly this reminded me of that upcoming Julia Roberts movie, Eat. Pray. Love.

This shirt is a Latke Fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

If I hadn’t moved out on such bad terms, I’d seriously consider picking one up these up for the ex-roommate.

The only things I miss are the free drinks and homemade latkes.

I love you shirt.woot. <3

You would be correct :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s the lack of sleep getting to me, but I thought it said Love, Pea, & Lake Grease. Not at the same time, mind you. The “Pea” part came from the thumbnail thing and “Latkes” kind of looks like “Lakes”

I thought it already came out

This reminds me of my favorite search engine, Joogle.

a hash brown by another name is probably just as tasty.

I would have bought this if it had an extra comma, alas.

Horrible!!! Not a fan.

What this shirt tells the world is probably one of the best things that a shirt has said in about forty days and forty nights.

The Oxford Comma is optional, although Americans prefer it.