Lovecraft Street

Hooray! I learned a new word — grimoire: a magician’s manual for invoking demons and spirits of the dead.

The pentagram is a nice touch too.

I’m just in it for the cuteness factor :slight_smile:

And the Cookie Monster becomes a true monster. Scary.

Cute but me and my cardigans have another neighborhood in mind ; )

My Saturday morning cartoons will never be the same…

Congrats on the print and the newborn, Wences!

C is for Cthulhu… that’s good enough for me

That’s not a pentagram, it’s an elder sign

You guys are scum. I just want you to know that.

An occasional Cthulhu-themed shirt once-in-a-while, that I can wear to a meetup with someone who knows me online – kewl!

OTOH, a derby of wallet-sucking monstrosities from other planes…

Finally, a shirt that tells the world “I love puppets and HP Lovecraft”

Wow, I don’t know if I can pass on this, there is something about it, calling me…

Congrats Wences!

I hope my kid won’t cry when I wear it

Coupla things:

  1. This SHOULD have won the derby. Enough with kitten mashups already; it’s like a lazy chef who just puts bacon in everything to make it trendy and irresistible in a cheap, not clever, way.

  2. OY my wallet is HURTING. Got a XenoStones hoodie and want this, but at the same time, dying to see what else comes up this week.

Can you tell me how to get… how to get to R’lyeh street…

horrible screaming at the old ones tear her apart

I love woot shirts. So affordable.


This is so awesome! I love it.

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I wish I did not get the shirt with a black ink mark on it, it ruined my day. I have bought a lot of shirts on woot and it seems that the qaulity control on these shirts have to get better standards before they ship out. I also paid for rush shipping.