Low-Price Fisher-Price



Regarding the laptop, my kiddo who has a Leap-pad and 99% ownership of my Kindle Fire has the Fisher-Price laptop and has gotten a lot of play out of it. It’s not touch-screen technology, but there is still a lot of cool functionality PLUS the screen changes color :slight_smile: In addition, it can take a lot of drops/hits.


Our 16 month old twins have 3 of the products listed:

Animal Sounds Zoo- big hit, they play with it a ton, highly recommended. I’ve rarely seen this at a discount anywhere. Drawback- it only comes with 3 animals, so you have to buy others separately (but they make great stocking stuffer type gifts).

Rev-n-Sounds Racetrack- Also a big hit and gets daily play. Folds up for storage and extra cars fit inside. Drawback- $2 more than on fisher price site and can be had at most toy retailers for a similar price.

Play-n-Go Batcave- gets playtime as well, but the interchangeable ramps are hard for our little guys to get in place. So we put it together and they take it apart only to want it put together again; recommended for kids a little older than ours. Folds up for storage with ramps and cars fitting inside. Cheaper price than I’ve ever seen.


Great info! Thank you both for taking the time to share this with others.

Anybody else?


Everything on here is cheaper on amazon plus two day shipping!


I bought the Play and Go Batcave at Target for $9 in December. I recently saw the Little People Animal Sounds Zoo on the shelf for $29.99 but I’m sorry that I can’t remember what store it was.

My 1.5 year old got both within months of turning 1 and while he plays with the cars of the Batcave all the time, he’s too little to do anything other than tear apart the ramps after sending the cars down once or twice. The Zoo sounds on the other hand, he plays with quite a bit. He has learned to say animal names based on the extras we bought. The toy itself will say the name and sound of the animal when it is placed on the red post by the tree trunk, and he delights in pushing the buttons to open the hippo mouth and red platform by the slide.

Oddly enough, my set is the exact mirror reverse of what I’m seeing in this picture.

edit: the child playing with the toy is what it looks like. Why the mirrored feature picture?


My 9 month old has the puppy playhouse, and he loves it! Even if you have a younger baby, the puppy is super soft, and my son loves the rattle noise it makes. It’s also machine washable and can go in the dryer, so that’s always a plus for me!!!


My son has the Ogre. It has been a grouchy ogre, a baby ogre, a happy ogre, a hungry ogre, a curious ogre, and a sleepy ogre.

If you put a playskool soldier/person in his mouth, he chomps (or just about anything, for that manner).

We didn’t take the club’s zip-tie off, which is fine by the ogre.

We also got the Falcon/Eagle castle playset that has a DVD with tie-ins to all of their major LOB Imaginext lines that are original characters. When you wander the ogre towards the castle, it shouts “OGRE! RIGHT AHEAD!!!” and “That Ogre could cause Serious Damage!!!”

I don’t know if it’s compatible with any other playsets, though. I think there’s a dragon that’s compatible with both.


This is cheaper from Barnes and Noble and Amazon!