Lowrance iFinder Map & Music GPS Receiver w/MP3 Player



Got one of these last time it rocks! u should get 3


Good unit… I have purchased this and It works well in the woods of NC


If only it came with a silver bracelet


Lowrance iFinder Map & Music GPS Receiver w/MP3 Player
$99.99+ $5 shipping


Ill remember that the next time Im on the east coast in the woods of NC.


aaaaauuughhh! Who wants GPS at 7 in the a.m.?? That’s right, you do. Please buy three and help Lowrance stay in business.

Thank God for the comical descriptions, because otherwise I’d be going insane after 31 hours. But you can’t get angry at those product descriptions.


I’m a Geocacher and have been looking for a toy. A good day for a GPS, how about 3?
1 for me
1 for my son
and 1 to give away!



Everyone thinks everything is a woot killer if they don’t want the item. You all need to stop bitching.


$153 on Ebay.
Does anyone have one of these and how well does it work. Does the music throw off the GPS? lol


i boght one of these last time and just bought 2 more for my family members they work excellent


Froogle link

Prices around $150 +

Good price, woot!


Great for geocaching!


omg are there like 200 of these? I use mapquest/googlemaps in conjunction with the power of roadsigns to find out where I’m going…


looks like 25 of them


Target has this on clearence for 199. Woots half of that!


anybody recall the price on trhis last time?


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do this but if you buy one of these, check out

It is a treasure hunt game you can use the GPS with.





Does this support city streets?